We know it's difficult to imagine a time when you won't be there to help provide for your family, which is why we offer programs designed to help meet your life insurance requirements at any stage of life. Our life insurance brokers work with you to help you choose a policy that's right for you

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Saving money on employee benefits while still attracting and retaining the best and the brightest is a must in today’s economy. The cost of providing benefits is rising significantly, while employees consistently see more and more from their benefits package. Many employers struggle to balance employee needs with their own capabilities and bottom lines. At Silva and Sons Insurance Services, we will help you meet these divergent objectives. Using our advanced technology and consulting expertise, we provide a variety of value-added professional services to our clients that reduce customer costs, increase efficiency, and improve employee satisfaction.

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  • Plan Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • Health Care Reform
Employee Benefits

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With a constantly changing economy, continually escalating health care costs and a myriad of privacy and compliance laws to contend with, there are many challenges in offering benefits and health insurance to your employees. Many companies tend to take incremental steps by reducing health benefit levels or increasing employee cost sharing…providing only marginal relief while eroding employee perceptions. Silva and Sons Insurance Services can help you turn these employee health benefit challenges into an opportunity - an opportunity to re-think your employee benefits strategy and the role it plays in attracting and retaining employees.

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  • High Deductible Health Plans  
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Dental care is a very important part of any healthy lifestyle, but because dental insurance or dental coverage is not included as part of standard health care insurance, it is something that is often overlooked or forgotten until it is too late. The rising cost of quality dental care means that dental insurance might be just what you and/or your family need to ensure that your teeth remain health and well cared for.

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  • DHMO
  • POS
  • Indemnity
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